Sunday, December 26, 2010

Schedule and Topics

I hope to cover all the technologies you need to build a modern web application. We will be using the google app engine as our platform (the Python one, but you can use the Java version if you want). Time permitting, I would also like have you build a simple LAMP (Linux + Apache + mysql + PHP) app and deploy it on Amazon's EC2.

Below are the topics we will cover in, roughly, the order I plan to cover them:

  1. Web history: HTTP, firebug
  2. Google app engine. Python. HTML
  3. App engine datastore: a noSQL datastore.
  4. Django templates. CSS
  5. JavaScript: the language. Functional programming. Prototype inheritance.
  6. JavaScript and the DOM. jQuery.
  7. App engine memcache.
  8. HTML5: localStorage. jQuery for iPhone.
  9. Canvas. SVG
  10. App engine XMPP
  11. REST
  12. Mashups: facebook, delicious, flickr...
  13. Another way: LAMP on EC2

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