Friday, August 31, 2012

HW2: jinja2 templates, HTML forms

In this homework you will allow your webapp to accept a URL, for an image, and a caption (text). Your app will not save these to the database (we will do that next week) but will simply display these back to the user.

Your app must use the jinja2 templates. Specifically, it will use a base.html template from which your other template inherits from. The base.html is a general template that all your other templates will inherit from. Thus, it contains the basic layout of the site. For this homework it is fine if this is a minimal template, but later on we will be adding headers and footers here.

The page after the user clicks 'submit'.
Your page should look like this, except 'Homework 1' should be '2', my bad.

Required Reading

To get this done you will have to read getting started using the webapp2 framework and handling forms. You will also want to consult the webapp2 framework documentation and the jinja2 documentation.

Turning it in

Push your code to your github repo by Monday Sept. 10 @9am.

Also, in your app.yaml set the version to 2 (for HW2) and publish it to That is, go to and create a new application. Set its name in your app.yaml and click on the "Deploy" button on your appserver. When you start working on HW3 change the version to 3 (and so on). In this way I will be able to view your previous at work even while you might already be testing a new version (at least, I hope it works out)

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  1. For HW2, please add a file to your directory and in that file put the URL of your published webapp, and your name. Thanks!