Sunday, September 9, 2012

CSS Examples

At first, it is hard to imagine that significant visual effects can be achieved by using the CSS properties. But, that is only due to lack of imagination. The sites below showcase the power of CSS. Browse them for ideas, and CSS code.

  • CSS Zen Garden is the original CSS showcase site. Every time you click on a design on the right you will see a different design. But, note that all designs use the same HTML. The only thing that changes is the CSS file.
  • CSS Deck is a new site for showing off cool CSS tricks. Like, how to build a macbook pro entirely out of CSS.
  • The Shapes of CSS blog post shows how to generate geometric shapes with CSS.
  • Colour Lovers is just colors, but they have some pretty colors.
  • CSS3 generator will generate the CSS for shaded, rounded boxes.

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