Sunday, November 11, 2012

HW11: Resizing Images in Canvas

For this homework you will write code to allow users to change the size of their pins in the canvas view of the board, as well as position (which you did before). The new widths and heights in the canvas are stored in the server the moment the user unclicks (mouseup) the pin. The GUI consists of circles on the three corners of the pin which the user can use to re-size the pin, as demonstrated in the video:

There are also a few more requirements:
  1. You must implement a Vector class with add and subtract operations. I want you to practice using JavaScript inheritance. Also, being able to add and subtract vectors will make your code much much simple. Specifically, when a user clicks and moves inside a pin, I want you to move the pin as thought the user grabbed it at that point. You cannot move the top-left of the pin to where the user clicked, as we did in the previous homework. This is all much easier to do if you think/code with vectors. I'll explain more in class.
  2. You cannot use any third-party libraries. There are many libraries out there that do this, and more. You cannot use them, or anything else besides jQuery.

As always, when you are done push your code to your public github repo, by Monday, 26 November @9am: the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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