Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HW12: Canvas, Flickr, and JSONP

In this homework you will practice using the ever more popular canvas API. You will implement a javascript program (along with its supporting HTML file, of course) which fetches the 'interesting' photos from flickr and displays them in an art gallery view. Specifically, you will write JavaScript code to do the following:

  1. Create a request that calls the flickr.interestingess.getList method to fetch today's most interesting photos at flickr, in JSONP format. Note that this is a JSONP request, not JSON. This is a sample call. You will need to read the jQuery .ajax() documentation to see how jQuery handles JSONP requests with .ajax() in a very similar way to regular XHR requests (even thought JSONP requests are not XHR, I will explain in class).
  2. You will then make a 4x4 art gallery, similar to this art gallery example but populated with the flickr interesting photos you got. To to this, you will need to create photo source urls from the data you just got. Note that the gallery is an HTML table where each cell is a canvas object of two images: the frame image and the photo image. Use the frame image from the example. It's OK your photo does not fill up the entire frame.
  3. You will also add the 'title' of each photo just below it (either in the canvas object, or in HTML). And you will randomly draw a big red X across some photos (probability 1/2). The X's should be re-determined every time the page is loaded.

This homework is due on Wednesday, April 20 @11am. You can turn it in here. Remember to always include a URL to your published app.

Required Reading

  1. Flickr API pertinent sections.
  2. JSONP overview.

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