Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HW13: Facebook App: Polaroid Collage

Picasa Collage

We finish the semester with a simple facebook app, hosted on the google app engine, and using canvas. Your facebook app will be a 'canvas' app. It will fetch the user's friends' profile pictures and use a canvas to display them all in random positions, with random rotation, and with a white border around each one, like the collage shown here. Specifically you will do the following.

  1. Implement a new google app engine app which you will register as a facebook app.
  2. Your app will let the facebook user log in. Once logged in, and you have obtained permission to view his friends list, your app will fetch his friends list, then fetch the profile picture for each friend, and finally it will display these photos in one large canvas.
  3. Also, under each photo you will place that person's name.

You will turn it in on Wednesday, April 27 @11am here. Make sure you include both the URL to your facebook app ( and the appspot name of your deployed app (

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